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Happy 86th Par

We recently celebrated 20 years of Wilderness North. It gave us the perfect opportunity  to look back and reflect on all the guests who have visited us over the years, many of them coming numerous times, year after year. I am stepping away from my typical recipe piece (though, I do have a great recipe this week) to speak to something that’s pretty cool.

Par, one of our longtime guests, has been coming to Wilderness North with his groups for years. For those that have visited Strikers Point Lodge, you may be familiar with the “Mayor” of Striker’s Point. This is Par. Year after year, he comes to Strikers 3 times with 3 different groups. Par has watched our business evolve, has caught and released an awful lot of fish, enjoyed several hundred shore lunches, and has even watched our children grow up. They love to see him each time he arrives. Like many of you, Par has become a part of our family.

Last week I received an email from Par that is worth mentioning. Unable to sleep, he was up early one morning, the week before his trip and sent me a quick note.  He likened his excitement about going returning to Striker’s to that experienced by kids on Christmas morning. He is currently enjoying his 86th trip to Canada, at Striker’s Point Lodge. The majority of those trips have been to Whitewater Lake. This trip is his 51st since retiring in 1997!

To Par and all of our guests, both old and new, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your memories and we look forward to welcoming you in the years to come.  We are committed to preserving this piece of “God’s Country” for generations to come.

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