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The Guides at Wilderness North

It takes a special kind of person to be a fishing guide. Personal traits may include, but aren’t limited to; being completely extroverted, friendly, knowledgeable, mechanically-inclined, and woods-wise. Not to mention being an angler extraordinaire, master boater and a wonder at putting bait on someone else’s hook. A good fishing guide has to have not only plan A, but have plans for every situation that may arise. After all, hiring a guide to get you into fish and back to the lodge safely again is a wise investment. It goes without saying that the guide-angler relationship is one of true partnership to find fishing success! Here are a few “reasons why” for people that may be considering hiring a guide for a day or a week of fishing.

First of all why even hire a guide? Fantastic question. Well if you’re new to a body of water, hiring a guide will eliminate “the hunt”. Guides make their living ensuring their clients are into and on fish as much as possible during the day. They also rely on repeat customers to round out their businesses. A guide will always have your best interest first and foremost with respect to putting you in high percentage areas to catch fish. Guides want you to come back and fish with them because of the overall experience they provide to you.

Safety – Wilderness North guides have grown up fishing the very waters they share with guests today. Along with experience on these waters, safety is also ensured with a guide training course each spring. They know all of he ins and outs of the system. Where the rocks are, any moving water hazards and of course where the fish should be. Even if you hire a guide just for a day, they will happily give you a crash course on the lay of the lake and the best locations to find fish.

At Wilderness North, our guides are veterans on the land. The majority of the guides at our camps grew up in the area and are multi-generational local outdoors people. This is a benefit to our clients as all guides are deeply knowledgeable with respect to the cultural history of the land, the safe navigation of the water and the patterns of the fishery. Keen to pass on their experiences, knowledge and love for the area. They cook a mean shore-lunch, can show you tried and true techniques and know where the fish live.

Being a fishing guide may not be for everyone; however, those that choose this vocation as their livelihood do it for many of the same reasons; they love working with people, they love being outdoors, they love being stewards of the land and water and they generally love what they do. We constantly hear, as spring loosens winter’s icy grip on the water, how much our guides are looking forward to getting back into camp, getting back to do what they love, guiding you.


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