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Guess dat Newfie Word B’y

Meryl with Walleye, Wilderness North staffHow’s ya gettin’ on, me duckies?! Happy New Year to ya. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I spent the holidays with my daughters and their families, travelling back home to the Rock as well as Kitchener to do so. I am back in the office though and am looking forward to helping you plan your next 2013 fishing adventure with Wilderness North. Last newsletter, the Newfie saying was “Long may your big jib draw”-Not only a famous salute among “Trekies”, but also a good wish for the future which I extend to each and every one of you for the upcoming year! Many people were close in their guesses about it. Keep those responses coming in! And don’t forget, those who respond will be entered into a draw.

Battycatters, Winter 2013

This week’s word is: Ballycatter

If seasonal temperatures return to Thunder Bay, we might see some ballycatters due to open water in the harbour. Send your responses to me by email or like us on FACEBOOK and put your responses on our wall.

I loves to hear from ya!

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