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Greetings from Thunder Bay

Alan & KristaIt’s summer holiday time on both sides of the border. In two days, it’s Canada Day…our independence day. Our friends in the USA, stand in corn that is “knee high” and celebrate their hard won battles to form “a more perfect union” on Monday.  So, this weekend, fireworks will light the skies for all of us.

We are good neighbours with a common history of freedom … well protected by the military might that we  jointly celebrate as we send our young men and women around the world to defend the freedoms we’ll celebrate this weekend. In just eight days, soldiers from both Canada and the US will be our guests for our annual Project Healing Waters event. Ten soldiers will hear us say thanks in a tangible way for their bravery.   As we enjoy the hot dogs, the fireworks, and the family picnics we are mindful of these brave men and women who make all our freedoms possible…that is why we enjoy having them as our guests every July.

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Alan and Krista

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