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Great Weather, Great Fishing, Great Experiences

Wilderness North staffThe weather has been breathtaking this summer. While water levels are still down, the fishing still holds up here at Makokibatan Lodge. Total master anglers = 113!

This week Bob Spencer and son Matt from Michigan took a trip with Eli Baxter down river on a very windy day, but that didn’t stop them. They caught some beautiful brookies. In Bob’s own words, “Thanks for hosting our fishing trip!  Matt and I had a lot of great experiences.”

The Hassett group from Ohio, were also our guests this week…John and his son Patrick and friend Henry did some great fishing on their four day trip. The wind was blowing white caps on the lake,  but it didn’t slow those guys down.

Wilderness North fly in fishingIt was our honour to have Herb Stoller from Illinois with his son, son-in-laws, and grandsons. Each and everyone of them bowed down, “to the one and only Master Angler of the group, Brent” who caught a 26-inch walleye on a black jig and yellow twister tail. They had a wonderful trip, and his grandson, Pete, celebrated his 13th birthday complete with a surprise birthday cake from our staff.

Oh, and I (Meryl) caught a Master Angler walleye this week, my first ever 27 incher… and I will admit I was quite excited too. Now I know the pride of wearing a Master Angler pin!
…Meryl and Bernard Carroll


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