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Great Fishing and Warm Weather at Mim

Another week has passed here at Miminiska Lodge. The fishing been outstanding and so has the weather. Every day has been warm and sunny for the past couple weeks, something all of our guests have appreciated. With a full house here at the lodge, everyone had stories to share.

Bob, Scott, Gary, Bill, Darren, and Rick arrived raring to go and ready to get on the water. Past guests, but first time visitors to Mim, they had no trouble finding fish at the usual hot spots; Twin Falls – working the current and pools, Walleye Mine, Ferguson Bay for northerns, and of course the Honey Hole. Aside from the Honey Hole where the fish hangout between 3 to 9 feet of water, the best depth range seemed to be 14 to 18 feet. By the end of their stay, this first wave caught hundreds of walleye with jigs and white or yellow twister tails and a slew of pike on an assortment of spoons. They did mention however that while the majority of walleye were hooked on jigs, some days it was the walleye being caught on the spoons and the northerns on the jig combo! It just goes to show you how hungry and aggressive these fish really are.

For twenty years now, we have welcomed Paul and his family & friends  to Wilderness North for their annual retreat. Within  no time at all, this group had no issues getting back into their rhythm of catching fish cast after cast and had a heck of a fun time doing so. The group total for walleye was well above a thousand fish for the week and their total for northern pike wasn’t too far off either. Walleye Mine continued to produce great fishing as did Twin Falls. The group also enjoyed great action at the top end of  Mim Falls. Warm weather sent the walleye deeper as most of the fish came in from about 16-20 feet of water but they were still biting on jigs and twister tails. White, yellow, and orange tails were all working well. Topping of their fishing adventure was two days of guided trips by Kash down to Snake Falls. The fishing there was outstanding and the beautiful scenery was an added bonus. On those same days the group split in two, while half the group went with Kash the other group members did the portage to Petawanga Lake.  The fishing there was phenomenal with each boat having 150+ fish days.

I know exciting action will continue  with more guests on the way to take advantage of this great fishery.  This past week there have been quite a few walleye falling just shy of the 26 in mark along with dozens of northerns caught measuring in between 34 to 39 inches which deliver a tremendous battle. We hope to see a few more big ones caught and released this season. Until next week!

Rob Staszak

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