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Good times had by all at Miminiska Lodge

Long time guests from Lacrosse WI, the Kempf’s decided to try something new after 14 years of fishing and sure tested the waters at Mim. Ken, Dick, John, Leo, Lorne, and fishing newbie Steve hit all the fishing spots from the “honey hole” to Caribou Island, the west arm of Miminiska, “walleye mine”, Wottam Bay, and Keezhik River. The six of them had a blast fishing for walleye, enjoying the wildlife and great shore lunches, and were even nice enough to bring back some samples for their families back home.

This past week we were also happy to welcome Mike Rowell and his son Austin back to Mim after a brief sojourn to another lodge. Apparently the fish missed this father and son team from Bristol TN and were only too happy to reward them each with master angler pins for their loyal patronage. Mike reeled in a 40.5in pike on a deep runner just a ‘stones throw from the lodge’ on his third day, and Austin landed a 27in walleye in Wottam Bay also using a deep runner. Congratulations to both of them.

Despite the hot fishing and nice warm sun, the two groups brought the heat back to the lodge challenging each other in an animated pool tournament that lasted all week. After 7 days of late night games Ken and Dick came out on top as tournament champions …looks like there might be some rods for sale -any takers? It was a lot of fun to have them all here, and we hope to see them again.

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