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Good Friend, Good Partner

-Farewell to Jack Mark

It is with heavy hearts that Krista and I share with you the passing of our partner and dear friend “Jack” Mark. Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1925, John J. Mark, a successful real estate developer, fell in love with the Canadian Wilderness in the early 60’s. And though he is gone, and though we are saddened…we choose to celebrate his life in this story.

Jack Mark was a quiet, unassuming person, who avoided the spotlight. However, those who knew him well will tell you that he was a ‘fighter’ for what he believed in. Jack always had a special twinkle in his eye and a love for the Ontario wilderness. In a recent video taped interview, he described his love like this:

“There just isn’t a finer place to be than the pure Canadian lakes and streams of Northwestern Ontario. And iťs not just the fishing. With family… and with friends… once here, you can leave the cares of everyday life behind and experience total relaxation and a total connection with the land.”

His remarkable passion for the Ontario wilderness drove him to build and buy lodges and outpost cabins that today are known as
Wilderness North. We met Jack as he was building this new enterprise. His very personal vision was clear. If we build it, they will come…and “it” was to be a company that opened up the vast Canadian wilderness to anglers, campers, and explorers from around the world. His steadfast determination, his good business sense, and his genuine personal love for nature deeply touched us.

He was a decorated WWII and Korean Air Force pilot. However, it was his unique skills at the controls of a variety of float planes that led him to explore the Canadian and Alaskan wilderness, by flight, long before the GPS. In the video, he fondly recalls a few
of the planes he’s flown and the trips he’s taken. As our friend and as our business partner, we will miss Jack…and today we pause and recall fondly the “trips” on which he has taken us along. We will never forget them.

His video interview will be available this fall at our website… so he may remain a living part of the Wilderness North heritage
that began with his remarkable passion.

Wilderness North's founder

Farewell … Jack.

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