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Good Fishing Continues Despite Record Heat

Alan CheesemanOkay…here it is mid July in Canada. Our American guests are coming up for relief from the heat…and we have record breaking temperatures of our own (Thursday-7/13-104 F). Wow. The good news is that we have had a cool down, and today’s temps are in the mid 70s. Where they belong, I might add. Meanwhile, those guests who have recently visited our cool lakes and streams are still catching fish. And good one’s to boot.

3 Amigos, Zig Zag 2006

Since last week’s report, we have had five new Pike and six new Walleye Master Anglers. For example, the “Three Amigos” in the photo are all retired school teachers from Pennsylvania. (Joe, Michael, & Norm) And they spent the past four days out at Zig Zag Lake. They each had walleye over 26 inches…and said they did not have a day when the fishing was slow…even that “Hot One”. They caught their fish on jigs and leeches on the bottom, AND on husky jerks. They caught plenty of pike, and claim they broke off a very big Northern…but you know how school teachers exaggerate.

Perch Crank Bait, Wilderness NorthThe story here is stable weather. While we are wiping perspiration from our brows, the fish have located cooler water, but are still looking for meals on reels. And yes, those bright high skies are a challenge, but I caught and released a 26” walleye, in six feet of fast moving water at the eastern end of Whitewater Lake, 40 yards from the out-flowing rapids. I was using Rapala’s new perch coloured deep diving crank bait with the “extended one of three” red hooks. I removed all barbs, and still hung on to this feisty big boy.
BTW: It was 3:30pm on a hot summer afternoon and I was crankin’ slow!

Good Fishing,

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