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Good Fishing at Whitewater Lake

… One REALLY BIG pike proves it

The last couple of weeks at Striker’s Point Lodge we have welcomed a steady stream of eager anglers.
It was our pleasure to welcome the Visgars, from Michigan, the Schramms from Illinois and the Webers from Minnesota. While these parties reported no official Master Angler trophies, we have several honourable mentions to report. Stuart “Grillmaster” Schramm caught and released a 38-inch Northern Pike on a perch coloured SwimJim – using twelve-pound test line in 6-ft of water. Although he was alone in the boat, he took a picture and released the handsome Pike on his own. This toothy girl was caught near the island closest to the lodge. Kathy caught two 33-inch Pike down the river as well. While many large Walleye were caught and cooked or released, the biggest was 21-inches. These Walleye were caught in depths ranging from 6 to 23-ft of water … off rocky reefs and points. The Schramms also saw two bears! The Visgar party had a great trip as well, no trophies, but Kate caught and released a 33-inch Northern. Well done! We celebrated Kate’s birthday during her stay, with a special cake baked in her honour. The Webers also had a 33-inch Pike to report. It was caught by Jay of Fairfax, Virginia on a jig dressed with plastic yellow & red twister tails. Aside from a near disastrous spill taken by Doc, (he almost lost his rod, but saved it and himself!) the boys had a great trip.

44in Pike at SPL, Wilderness North fly insThis past week we hosted the Ellman party of  Nevada, the Fisk party of California, the Moores of Kansas – and – “drum roll please”… the mayor of Striker’s Point; Par Shiree of Michigan. Par comes up three times a year, and on this trip his decision to share some of his fishing wisdom and experience with Dan Shaack of the Ellman party-paid off big! Dan caught and released a Master Angler 43-inch Northern at a little place up to the left of the lodge now called “The Mayor’s Office”. Congrats Dan! The Fisk party, three generations from California, had a great trip as well, boasting an honourable mention from grandson Hunter – a 33-inch Pike caught and released. The Moore party had a wonderful stay using the services of First Nation Guide – Peter Nate. They successfully wrangled in plenty of Walleye in the 16-23-inches average and from 10-25ft of water.

Our recent hot temperatures, windy (and sometimes smoky) conditions with plenty of humidity reflect the heat wave blanketing our US neighbours. We are hoping for cooler temps soon. A recent sudden storm dumped one half inch of rain on us in 10 minutes, paired with some hail and crazy winds – with gusts so strong they blew down several trees near both the front and back docks here at Striker’s. This week our own meteorologist, Graham Saunders, will be at camp, so we will put the pressure on him for improved weather (as if that will help!)

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