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Goldilocks Weather

Graham SaundersLast week’s weather was great overall or as Goldilocks would say: not too hot, not too cold, but just right -of course, she was talking to bears about how to have porridge. There were some days that bordered on hot, but generally these were followed by cool overnights – and easy sleeping temperatures.

scenic shots, Wilderness North July 2012The next seven days look like a near repeat of last week. Thursday and Friday are likely to have temperatures in the low 20s (70*F) with sunny breaks, some cloud cover and light showers. The following days should see mainly sunshine and warmer weather, with temperatures reaching 27 to 31º C (high 80’s) on Sunday and Monday.

A ridge of high pressure will be anchored over the region later in the week resulting in dry conditions and light winds. As daytime heat increases those winds will often pick up and occasionally become moderate-high in the later afternoon.

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