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Goldilocks Weather

Whether you were mowing the lawn, out fishing, hiking in the woods or even sailing almost every day the past two weeks have been about as close as you can get to ‘just right’ in the weather department Mainly sunny skies prevailed with only a few scattered high clouds during mid-afternoon. Temperatures in the afternoons climbed into the low 20°s C/70 to 75°F were quite comfortable and winds were often light to moderate – useful to disrupt black fly and other insect landings.

The Goldilocks principle is based on “The Story of the Three Bears”, a popular children’s story of a young girl visiting a house with three bears. Each bear has their own preference of porridge – hot, cold, medium and size of bowl, beds and chairs. Goldilocks tries the extremes of hot/cold, small/large and each time finds the third choice “just right”.

A caution to parents: Encouraging your children to enter bear dens may not be the “just right” choice. The next week of weather in Thunder Bay and points north looks mainly “just right” with seasonal temperatures. The outlook includes scattered showers, which usually fits with “just right” but a few medium showers could provide some Goldilocks weather – suppressing forest fire activity.

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