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From Drought to Flood to Sunshine

Graham SaundersLess than one week ago the Northwest region was abnormally dry with concerns about forest fires and spring planting of gardens and crops. Extensive flooding due to heavy rains prompted the City of Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario to declare a state of emergency with similar announcements in surrounding communities.

Road washout 2012Heavy rains of 3 to 6 inches (70 to 175 mm) in recent days were common in the region. The rain alleviated the fire danger in tinder dry forests and recovered water levels in rivers and northern lakes. It did create some road wash-outs…

The Sun Has Returned

Although it was 0c – 32f this morning, weather for the upcoming week for Armstrong and Wilderness North lodges and camps on the Ogoki and Albany Rivers will be mainly sunny with seasonal temperatures. Some light showers are possible on Saturday followed by more sun and afternoon temperatures of 21 to 24º C (70 to 75º F).

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