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Four Seasons In One Day!

There is a cliche about changeable weather –“ four seasons in one day”, and people north of Lake Superior and Lake Nipigon experienced a confirmation in recently.  Typical spring temperatures were followed by a dump of snow went through northern areas mid month. This past cool and cloudy weekend put a damper on outdoor activities but our northern areas should now expect a preview of summer in this week and the coming weekend (Walleye Opener)  is likely to feature afternoon temperatures of 23 to 27° C (73 to 80° F) and then a return to seasonal spring conditions.

Good weather news is that most of the region received precipitation in some form in recent days.

There are two huge forest fires in western areas of the region. One near Kenora has burnt 15,000 acres and the other of 180,000 acres is northwest of Red Lake. There are open fire restrictions in near Thunder Bay and Kenora, along the Wabikimi but NOT in the Albany River basin.

Extreme fire danger advisories remain in place in most of western Canada and also in Minnesota to the south. The most extreme event in this vast area of concern continues to be Fort McMurray, Alberta, where 88,000 people were evacuated. About 2,000 houses and other structures were lost but about 85 per cent of the community remains.

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