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Forest Fire Danger!

Graham Saunders WN weathermanRecent weather has featured hot and dry conditions. Temperatures were warm to hot, with readings in the high 80s F and low 90s (29 to 33 C) most of the previous week. The combination of high heat and dry weather  added to extreme forest fire conditions.The area is tinder dry.

While none of the current fires pose a direct threat to any of our lodges or cabins, nearly 100 fires are presently burning and several isolated northern communities are in various stages of evacuation, usually because of smoke, not because flames directly threaten them.

Armstrong Fire Fighters

Limited fire fighting teams concentrate on those fires that are close to inhabited communities, most having been started by lightning strikes.  Some communities are beyond road or rail access and need to be evacuated by aircraft. Arrival and take off can be limited because of the smoke reducing visibility.

Forest fire danger is extreme in the region – be very careful with any open fires. Click here for more information about fire safety and emergency services from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Or take a look at a map of the fires in Ontario.

Today and tomorrow will be a mix of sun and cloud with afternoon temperatures in the low 80s F (28 C) and scattered showers and thunderstorms possible in the afternoons. Cooler conditions are likely on Friday and Saturday, then a return to more heat. Smoke will often be a feature from fires in the region.


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