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Food for Thought

lighthouse on Lake SuperiorIn the absence of posts from either Meryl or Krista this week, on account of the two of them representing Wilderness North at the Toronto Sportsman Show this weekend, I thought I would keep the Facebook discussions going with some great questions courtesy of blog posts listed in the By the Way column.

Most of the posts, and regular installments in the weekly newsletters, talk about why we fish and some of the things that have influenced us. For some of us it was a great book or author that struck a chord. As an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast I was wondering what fishing books or peices of literature you would consider to be classics and have read more than once? Although not related to fishing  one of my classics would be Lost Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. For others, it was a close friend or someone that we looked up to who introduced us to angling and the great outdoors. This brings me to my next question:
If you could fish with anyone deceased or still living who would it be and why?
Be sure to share your answers via email OR post a comment on our FaceBook page. The best answers and all new FaceBook likes will be entered in a draw to win cool prizes.

Friday Ice Fishing Double Feature
For anyone hitting the hard frozen water this weekend, here are two new vids to get you pumped for some drilling. First up we’ve got a “trout, trout, trout, monster trout!” Extra brownie points because these Russian anglers worked in some sweet victory music. Next up, one of the more bizarre ice fishing vids I’ve seen. If only it was this easy, right? Have a great weekend, and stay safe on the ice….»

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