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Fly Guys Land Planes & Lunkers

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffHello from the 51st Parallel and Miminiska Lodge.
The smell of high octane aviation gas filled the air, repeated calls of prop-clear, and the growl of aircraft engines was to be heard loud and clear. It felt like the flight deck of the USS Kittyhawk, but it was our own airstrip as the Midwest Squadron took flight. Their mission was to make it back to the US of A, with their bellies full of delicious walleye shore lunch and their minds full of great memories; this was a trip they all knew would not be their last.

Midwest Flyers 2010The Midwest Flyers Magazine Squadron made their annual Canadian fishing fly out this past week. Led by squadron leader, Dave Weiman, the nine aircraft made their way into Canada from all over the Midwest USA. They arrived to a warm welcome from our staff. It was great to see familiar faces once again. Upon arrival, they hit the lodge dining hall for some food and then hit the water for some fishing. The cold weather caused a little bump with a small catch in the afternoon, but the next few days brought on a fishing bonanza. Fish and stories were flying everywhere as, once again the bar rang with the sound of bloody good people having a bloody good time. (A phrase to be annually reserved for when the squadron is in town.) Some of the quotes flying around were “best ever Canadian fishing trip.” We cannot wait for their arrival next year.

The Sarick family of seven from Toronto was back again for their annual trip. The boys were here to fish and with the three Nate brothers as their First Nation expert guides, they really cracked into them early on. Their winning streak continued and they fished themselves to exhaustion every day. On the final night, Micah aged 14, brought in a 41-inch pike with a top water orange frog lure to take the Annual Sarick  Trophy, which has become a new fixture here at Miminiska Lodge.

…Tristan Yuswak

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