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Five Days Adventure at Striker’s Point

 Project Healing WatersThis adventure started in early May when I was contacted by Mark Snyder who is my counterpart for Healing Waters US.  I was then invited to attend this activity along with 6 other Canadians veterans. So on July 24th I left Quebec City for Thunder Bay. Upon my arrival at Thunder Bay airport, I was greeted by one of the Wilderness North staff. He informs me that he just picked up the other parties. When I arrived to the shuttle I met with the other Canadians who also just arrived from Newfoundland and Ottawa. I presented myself to them and we were on our way to the air base.

PRoject Healing WatersDuring our trip to the air base, I had a chance to talk to Terry, Shawn, Jim, Ryan, and yes another Shawn from Newfoundland and to Marc from Ottawa. They also were eager to participate in this fabulous fishing trip.  Soon upon our arrival to the air base, we were greeted by Alan Cheeseman the owner and his staff. What an excellent welcoming party.  Alan informs us that we will be leaving for Striker’s Point soon that the airplane is fueled and loaded.  We also had time to fill-up different forms.

PHW 2012The plane ride from Thunder Bay to Striker’s Point was about 45 min and soon our arrival to the lodge we were greeted again by the lodge staff.  This was a warm welcome that we received. Our American counterpart arrived roughly three hours after us, so by 21 H30 we were all on the site and we already started to mingle and chat. We also prepared our fishing equipment for the next morning. From the 25 to the 29 the lake was for us to explore and the pikes to be catch. Every one of us did catch our fair quota of pikes some small some large one was caught during those days. The biggest one was caught by Harold -a whoping 42 inches followed by Dale with a couple of 39 inchers.

Project Healing Waters 2012At the end of this trip everyone was sad to go home, sad because we knew that it would be hard not to see each other again and sad because we had a great time together. So on the morning of the 29th the adventure was over, the dream was gone, but the memories will remain in each of us…
I’d like to say thanks to Mark Snyder for making this dream possible; Ron Weiss for his time and devotion by donating all the fishing tackle; Bob Buttgen and Ed Newby for flying the American vets to Canada; Harold, Dale, Seamus, and Jonathan -the Americans vets; the Striker’s point staff for the excellent service provided during our stay; and not to be forgotten Alan, his lovely wife Krista, and all the staff at the air base for welcoming us into their resort. This was a dream come through for all of us.

Thanks for supporting a great cause; Alan, you and your staff are truly serving those who served.
Gervais, Project Healing Waters 2012

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