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Fishing and Learning

-Embracing our First Nation Neighbours

Alan CheesemanThere’s fishing here all right…and plenty of it. After all, that’s the main reason our guests come to our outposts and lodges. However, we believe there’s more to our trips than just fishing. For instance, we celebrate the native peoples that are an important part of the area’s culture. Our Anishinaabe neighbours live by The Seven Teachings. The gifts of the seven grandfathers were seven in number:
Honesty, Love, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Humility, and Respect.
Each is represented by a different animal creating a natural path to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Garry Raven-2000, Smithsonian Museum of Native North American Indians

Turtle Island, Wilderness NorthThe history and culture of our native neighbours is an added value for those who wish to learn more about Northwestern Ontario’s history. You can meet our neighbours as guides at our Miminiska, Makokibatan, and Striker’s Point Lodges. For example,Thomas and Isaac Nate, have family traditions that date back to the fur trading days of the Hudson Bay Company. On Miminiska Lake, either Isaac or Thomas will introduce you to Turtle Island, and its Anglican Native church that is nearly a century old. Their grandfather, Edward Nate, a former minister of the church, is laid to rest on this sacred ground. Artifacts from his ministry remain in the building.

Machawaian Lake Outpost, Wilderness NorthA Day In The Boat with the Professors: It’s okay to call them “professors”… after all they have been taught the traditional ways from long before the white man entered Canada. Most people call them Ojibwa Indians. The word Ojibwa (or Ojibway) is part of the Algonquian language meaning “puckering” a likely reference to their moccasins. They call themselves Anishinaabe, meaning the “Original People”. Here in Canada we also refer to them as “First Nations People”. These great guides introduce our pure lakes and streams to you from the perspective of a native tradition rich in hunting & fishing and respect for the land. You’ll learn lessons not soon forgotten.

Most of the readers of this column know we have introduced both lodge and outpost adventure opportunities in the Albany River watershed in 2007. We offer two full service American Plan lodges on the 600 mile long Albany River. We also have several outpost cabin choices for those who like to go it alone at an outpost cabin. Machawaian Lake is one such choice. It features two newly remodeled clean cabins with accommodations for parties of up to 16. Propane lights, stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters are included. Between two cabins is a screened cooking and dining area. Plus we have equipped each boat with new 15 horsepower four stroke Yamaha outboard motors.

Some bookings are still available for 2007.

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