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Fish ’em Fast – Slow – Deep – Shallow

Wilderness North fly in fishingAfter a highly successful and extremely busy June, we can look back at things and say “WOW, what a start!!!!” This has been one of the best starts to a season we have ever witnessed.  Every destination is producing great daily numbers of fish and Master Anglers to boot.  Nearly every group so far has boated a trophy fish.  The only problem is trying to figure out what patterns are working.

I have given up trying to figure these fish out, as they are not following normal patterns. One day, they are deep. The next they are up top chasing bugs. It’s extremely difficult to get a read on their patterns. The best advice I can give is to come prepared to fish them in every situation imaginable. Fish ’em deep, fish ’em shallow, fish ’em fast, fish ’em slow. It all works depending on the mood they are in.

Jim and Cindy from San Diego, California found fish in almost every depth they fished. They were also successful in landing two 40 inch plus northern while on their Dawn Lake trip. One came on jig with a yellow tail, the other on the now famous Williams Whitefish. They promised photos…stay tuned.

The Svinarich group from Michigan landed great daily numbers of better than average fish on their trip to Opichuan’s remote cabin. These guys fished it hard and it paid off with an outstanding trip.

The Cabush group from Wisconsin fished ZigZag for the first time and had a very productive trip.  These guys have fished other lakes with us, but agreed that the wait for this fishery was worth it. With big smiles, they hopped off the plane and said book us again for next year into ZigZag. It’s all yours guys!

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistI am looking forward to July and hearing what patterns work for these finicky “summer pattern” fish. All I can say is to be prepared for everything! Be prepared to go deep, shallow, fast and slow. You name it, the fish will be there at some point in your trip, COUNT ON IT.
I look forward to hearing from you all soon! Send me an email.
…Joe Pichey Outdoor Specialist

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