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First Timers Success at Zig Zag

Krista and Alan: Our group’s experience at the Zig Zag lake Outpost during the last week of July was an Outstanding adventure…from the wildlife viewing to the tremendous fishing we encountered.


Fishing Hot-Spots:

1)      The South end of Crescent lake has a large weed bed. We typically would cast in this area and it produced many pike.

2)      Halfway from the Cabin to the South end of Crescent lake is a small creek on the Western shore. This creek flows out of a small lake that has very clear water. We found trolling about 75 yards out from the creek mouth (into Crescent), and 200 yards in either the North/South direction was very productive for Pike and Walleye. (Note: You can navigate into the small clear lake if you’re careful. It holds a lot of small pike)

3)      Slightly North East of the cabin at the mouth of the Jackfish River is a small Island. It has a steep shelf running away from it for most of its circumference. We caught several walleye and pike in this location while trolling theses shelves.

4)      About ¾ of a mile North West of the cabin on Zig Zag lake there is a large weed bed. We caught several pike there, with some in the 38-42 inch range.

5)      At the far North of Zig Zag lake is a large set of rapids that flow into Zig Zag from Moule lake. We did not catch many fish here, and these rapids are essentially impassable with the boats we had.

But there is a portage to an inlet with a view of a second set of rapids farther North, and then a trail along the Western shore that follows that small inlet and then leads to that second set of rapids. This is a ‘hike’, but we went there one afternoon and found some ‘holes’ on the lee side of the rapids that produced walleye on every cast (with jigs).

The most productive bait/lures that we used were as follows:

–          Casting for Pike: Red and White Daredevils with a copper back.

–          Trolling for Pike: Red and White Daredevils with a copper back.

–          Trolling for Walleye: Hot-N-Tots (Typically the Blue/Green/Yellow Bottom), and, the same Red and Whites used on Pike caught several walleye.

–          Jigging for Walleye: Pink Jig Head with a white twister tail, with a piece of worm or leech on the hook.

Note: Our group caught several hundred fish and released all but what we kept for shore lunches ‘unharmed’ back into the water. I attribute this to ‘pinching down’ the barb on all of the lures/hooks that we used.

Thanks for a great trip!

Mark & Group

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