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Finally, Seasonal Weather Ahead

Graham Saunders WN weathermanThe last week featured a weather see-saw between summer – spring and then summer in the most recent days. Some very cool days, including several frosty mornings in Armstrong, muted by bright sunshine through the day. The return to warmth on the weekend featured temperatures around 80 F (27 C) and a little warmer yesterday.

Southern areas that include Armstrong, Geraldton and Nakina can expect mainly sunny days in the coming week with temperatures of 72 to 80 F (22 to 27 C) Brief and scattered showers are likely today and Thursday. Locations on the Albany River, including Miminiska Lodge and Makokibatan Lodge more cloud cover is likely with daytime temperatures of 70 to 77 F (21 to 25 C). Brief and scattered showers are likely today, Thursday and Friday.

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