Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

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Fast Strikes at Striker’s Point

Greetings from Striker’s Point,
The weather’s heating up and so is the action on the water with a few more master angler pike to add to the board. Through a mix of wind, rain, changing lake conditions, and humidity; anglers here have been stirring up the action with a mix of swimbaits, jointed rapalas, and the trusted Williams Whitefish spoon. Lake water levels have dropped dramatically since our last report. It looks as if 30” or more has been washed down the Ogoki River. This leaves us near a more seasonal norm. I can also report that water temperatures have risen quite substantially as well. Rising water temps combined with the water loss can account for scattered fish as some start to move out to their mid- summer locations, while others stick behind roaming vast areas in search of cooler water and a source of food.

Putting all scientific explanations aside, nothing has stopped our guests from locating and boating numerous fish these last 2 weeks. Joining us from Wisconsin, the McCabe group -long-time guests of Miminiska Lodge, decided to switch it up a bit this year. I am quite positive they were pleased with the decision to try a new lake and lodge. It took the McCabes a little time to get ontop of the fish, but once they did they had a blast. With a combination of jigging leeches and trolling orange J-9’s, they managed hundreds of Walleye and 2 beautiful northerns; a 40incher and an impressive 48in monster. Congratulations to Pat on his 2 masters.

The Paul group from Green Bay Wisconsin were next to arrive at our now high and dry dock. These 4 were no strangers to Walleye fishing; having had some tournament experience and actually owning a marina in Green Bay they were quick to the water. I noticed they paid close attention to the wind, the structure, and even took notice of suspended fish -targeting them as well. These are the details any angler needs to be aware of in order to up their odds and catch bountiful amounts of fish, as the Paul’s did.

It was also with great pleasure that we welcomed Dan and his friend Niles from Michigan, as well as the Webb group from Indiana. Dan started things off really quick. His first fish of the trip was an absolute tank of a pike. Although only 40” in length this fish had some serious shoulders. The fish was taken while trolling a silver Williams Whitefish along the Caribou Bay rock wall in about 12-14 feet of water.  Niles and Dan had a blast, boating around 400 fish during their stay. I’ll have to check with Dan on that number as he keeps extremely orderly fishing logs, I think it may have been more.  Keeping track of all of the parameters involved in a day of fishing from the weather, to water temp, to depth, to location, etc, etc, is another great way to start developing patterns, and in the end, ultimately be more successful. The Webb group were quite happy to have the chance to spend some quality time together; no obligations and work free. These good old boys enjoyed learning as much as they could about this beautiful region, and it was an absolute pleasure to try and make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Until next time,

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