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Family Time on the Pond

We have just returned from our March break vacation, not a popular sunny destination, no beach. We took two weeks off at a remote cottage on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland (NFLD). Like here in Northwestern Ontario, there is more snow than you can shake an Ugly Stick atJ No doubt the lakes will be full at opener and then some; be sure to read Gord Ellis’s article this week for his walleye opener tips.

The weather didn’t cooperate in NFLD like we are accustomed to; it is usually a bit warmer and not so much wind. It would seem that the Polar Vortex phenomenon, that is all the “buzz” is impacting weather everywhere. Graham Saunders mentions it this week and an interesting prediction for spring. A big part of what we do at the cabin in NFLD is snowmobiling so we welcome the snow, but, for the locals they have had enough. As I write they are getting pounded with another winter storm bringing an additional 12 inches of the not so light and fluffy stuff and winds as high as 200km/h. Yikes!

What I like about the trip to NFLD is the quality time spent with family and friends. The two week time period was a bit long for our two girls, but, we all agree that the time spent playing a few board games, snowmobiling, gathering wood, etc was fun. Like the adventures we offer at Wilderness North there are always lots of memories created that will last a lifetime and one or two that are sworn to secrecy forever. What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin.

If you haven’t booked your fishing or outdoor adventure yet for 2014 Krista and Meryl are back at the helm ready to help you create your lasting summer memories. Give them a call and get started now.

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