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It’s Like a Family Reunion – but with Fishing

Wayne with Lake Trout, Wilderness North staffThe last week of July was family week at Miminiska Lodge as we welcomed returning guests.
Pat and Jim McCabe have been coming up for almost 20 years from Wisconsin flying into our landing strip in their twin engine Piper-Aztec. Despite the windy weather, they enjoyed shore lunches on their own and visiting lots of favourite spots that they’ve known over the years. They experienced angling success, claiming “The simple approach has always worked best …dark-coloured lures for dark days and light-coloured lures for sunny days.” They like to troll with jointed Rapalas while all the time enjoying the change of scenery along the shoreline. They landed many Walleye and Northern Pike with their simple and relaxed approach. We look forward to their return next year.

Dr. Paul Perona has been bringing family and friends to Miminiska Lodge for almost 20 years from Illinois … and in his own words, “This had to be one of the best years ever!” Some days were spent with Thomas Nate, our resident guide, down at Petawanga with great catches of Walleye and a very interesting catch one afternoon. Kurt was using a white jig and the tried and true method of casting out, letting it hit the bottom and reeling in veeerrry slowwwwwly … it could have been a snag but it wasn’t long before an estimated four foot long Sturgeon exploded from the water. Yes it came out for all to see, rolled over and spit out the jig. The groups at Petawanga changed from day to day while others enjoyed shore lunches with Tyson and Bill.  A great shore lunch system developed where we picked up fresh Walleye from the boats late morning on the way to Shore Lunch Island – Tyson cooked up quite a scoff and the shore lunch groups kept getting bigger day after day. There were some big northern Pike to tip the scales too … Rich, JP, and Brett had the bragging rights but Brett got the Perona trophy in the end for his 36-inch “Mr. Toothy”.

Tom Willett is another guest who has been coming here for a number of years and is also from Wisconsin. Tom and Bill along with Matt and his six-year old son Henry arrived in the same model Piper-Aztec that Pat and Jim flew into our landing strip earlier. Henry is quite the fishin’ magician catching some big Walleye on jigs and spinners. They enjoyed a successful day at the “Walleye Mine” followed by their own shore lunch nearby … with fresh fish from Jean’s kitchen on Henry’s plate back at the lodge almost every day. If fish is truly good for the brain, than Henry is one smart boy!!! Departing required a “jump start” and was a blend of skill and luck as we shut down the lodge generator and “borrowed” one fully charged battery and two others from guest boats to give us 24 volts required for the jump. Soon the Aztec started and was airborne carrying some wonderful memories and Walleye fillets to enjoy with family back at home.

Fishing at sunset

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