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Fall on Whitewater Lake

Hello from Striker’s Point Lodge. We’ve had another great week here on Whitewater Lake.
Fall has arrived, the leaves are beginning to change colour, and there is a chill in the air. This past week the fishing has continued to be productive.The Nagle family from Ontario experienced Whitewater Lake first hand. We’ve had some rough waves, and powerful winds throughout the past week, but recently the weather has been gorgeous for late August.
36in Pike, Striker's Point Wilderness NorthThe Nagles’ enjoyed the great fishing, and caught a good mixture of walleye and northern pike. Pat Nagle was lucky enough to land a 41.5-inch northern, which happened to be his first fish of the day, what a start. The 41.5-inch was caught while fishing structure for walleye. Stephanie also got into a big pike; the 36-inch northern was a healthy and heavy catch. She was casting towards a rock island off the third point heading down river. The boys Jordan and Spencer enjoyed being on the lake and sharing the great experience with their parents.

a good day at the officeSome fellow staff members have found some time to come and enjoy the fishing before the season ends. Brian Campbell and family came up from Thunder Bay for the weekend as well as, Jason Hull and friends. They enjoyed a tour of the lake on their first day (guided by Bill and Marg Carroll). They all enjoyed the beautiful weather while pulling in walleye’s. The biggest was caught by Jason Hull coming in at 25-inch -a nice fat walleye. Barb Campbell also managed her own nice walleye at 21.5-inch. Both groups landed some feisty northerns, ranging from 25-35-inch in length. We enjoyed their time here, and meeting the family and friends of fellow coworkers.

Ryan Lacey, Wilderness North guide

The Zulliani’s from Thunder Bay, are mid-trip and catching lots of walleye mostly around 17-18-inches. They will be here until Tuesday, and we wish them the best of luck continuing their fishing trip. Again, we all enjoyed our week with all our guests, and hope to see them all here once again at Striker’s Point Lodge.

…Ryan Lacey

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