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Fall is in the Air

Tyler -spring fishing on Caribou LakeWe are finally starting to see the true signs of fall here at Striker’s Point Lodge. Temperatures plummeted this week and for the first time this season, fishing became somewhat challenging. Water temps have dropped to the low 60’s in the main lake and already into the 50’s in some of the back bays. Despite the decline in numbers this week, there were some trophies taken as Whitewater Lake is STILL coughing up numerous large fish.

With us this week  are brothers Bob and Bill, both of whom are very familiar with northern Ontario Pike fishing. On day two Bill landed a scrappy 43in Pike in the “Bay of Pigs” while trolling a gold Williams Whitefish.

Wilderness North staffManager, Maggie Carroll who doesn’t get a whole lot of time on the water, finally convinced husband Bill (co-manager) to take her Pike fishing. She told me all year long she was going to catch a 40in, and she did just that on September 4th. She was trolling a gold Williams Whitefish in 5-6 ft. of water near the “Bay of Pigs” at the eastern end of the lake as it reforms into more of a river.

Wilderness North trophy pike fishingDo you recall George B from last week’s report who along with his father caught a 46in Pike? He wasn’t quite done at press time last week. He had one day of fishing left after my last report. George added a 44in monster to his portfolio. He got it while trolling a shad rap in the mouth of the river, in 10-12 ft. of water. What a great start and finish. The first fish of his trip was 46in, and the last was 44in.

So with colder temps in the forecast, we are looking forward to a bit more stable weather and the continued fall feeding frenzies.
…Tyler Lancaster

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