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Fall Frenzy Begins with a Bang!

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterWe no more than released the words from our lips about the “fall frenzy” and… BAM …  it hit. The Davidson brothers from Richmond, Virginia reported three back to back 40-inch plus pike from Whitewater Lake – as guests at our Striker’s Point Lodge.  And just last week Pat Myers of Pewaukee, WI landed two trophy pike – a 46 and a 42 at the outflow rapids on Whitewater Lake as well.

Chris Clemmons returned for his second trip of the year, this time toD’Alton Lake, where he and members of his group have visited 14 times. Chris reports in with three Master Angler Walleye…and robust Pike angling as well.

mojikit pikeAnd that photo on the right from Mojikit, is in fact, a thousand words, about the health and size of the Pike up at Mojikit Channel. That’s Mark Riley, on his 9th consecutive trip with us. He reports late August success with the flashy Williams Whitefish spoon.

These are all seasoned anglers, willing to spend time on the water, relying on experience and determination … and dialing in the success.

The photo below says it all about autumn in Boreal Forest. It was taken on the dock at D’Alton Lake.

Fall at D'alton, Wilderness North

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