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Did you Know?

geese flying overheadCanadian Geese are monogamous and mate with the same partner for life, only switching partners if the other dies. Geese generally fly at an average speed of 20-30 mph with a top speed of 60 mph! Most flying occurs below 500 feet, but during migration geese can climb up to 20,000 feet as their weight decreases allowing for a higher cruising altitude. The honking and V shaped formation that signifies the coming of autumn or spring is a function of efficiency. As in cycling, the person at the front breaks the wind creating a draft and easier pedaling or flying for those behind. The honking is a way to communicate and encourage the goose at the front who has the hardest job. For more fun facts about geese check out: Wormer, J.V. (1968). The World of the Canada Goose.

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