Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

Celebrating 30 Years of Wilderness North  â€“          

Walleye Move Deep as Fair Weather Blows in

Our first group of the season at Striker’s Point Lodge battled the elements and headed out to show Whitewater Lake who’s boss:

“We caught a lot of fish in the rain – it was the wind that limited our activity a bit… Wow, what a wind! On some days we were limited on where we could even travel on the big lake.” Restricted travel made it difficult to hit the deep pockets as Jim goes on to say: “The Walleyes are deep. Fifteen to twenty feet, where you would usually find them in the eight to fifteen foot range. The Pike are scattered. The patterns are more like late June or early July.”

A midst the difficulties, Jim Kalgren and his group of eight from Twin Cities reeled in one Master Angler walleye caught by Scott of Maple Grove, Minnesota. Jim tell us despite being the first group in the service at Striker’s Point Lodge – Whitewater Lake’s crown jewel – was excellent. There were some learning curves amongst the staff, but none he observed – Congrats to the staff there.

Now the weather is clearing, and the storms have calmed down… the staff are geared up and ready for the season. That’s good, ’cause there are plenty of guests scheduled to arrive at Striker’s in the coming days and weeks.

Stay tuned for next week’s report

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