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D’Alton Continues to Produce Exceptional Walleye Results

Clemmons Party, Wilderness North 2007

Just ask Chris Clemons and his group of six, who had a great fall trip last week. Now these guys are walleye anglers. And they are excellent record keepers. And they are great conservationists. And they have been our guests for years, coming up at least twice each season, and they know and love D’Alton Lake. And no wonder. Chris e-mailed in his fall trip report and pics: “We keep a tally of walleye, 20 inches or more. We call them “board fish”. Last week our party landed an even 100 board walleye.
Here are the totals in inches, amounts.

  • 20″ – 33
  • 21″ – 11
  • 22″ – 31
  • 23″ – 6
  • 24″ – 9
  • 25″ – 7
  • 26″ – 2 Chris and Tom McGregor
  • 27″ – 1 Chris (bottom photo)

Also, we kept track of our total walleye count on several days and estimate catching over 1,900 walleye for the week. 99% came out of 15 – 27 FOW (feet of water) and only 14 were used for shore lunches or to bring home.” – Chris Clemmons


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