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D’Alton Walleye Showdown

Chris Clemmons, Wilderness NorthRough Weather. Smooth Fishing. SevenTrophies!
So it’s early autumn. Weather fronts are pushing through one after another. Clear skies and calm! Rainy skies and windy! All in the same day! You get the picture?

DaltonLake1So did Wilderness North Resource team member Chris Clemmons and his group out at D’Alton Lake. And, as Chris will tell you in this week’s podcast- the nastier the weather, the better the fishing. They call D’Alton Lake little and mighty. And with good reason. Every member of the group of six…except one… had at least one Master Angler Trophy Walleye. These guys are anglers and accountants. Good with their rods and reels, good with their accounting. Chris tells us they had more “board fish” than on any other trip in eight years. They post every fish over 20 inches on a board in the cabin every day. Plus they reeled in and released the largest pike they have caught out at D’Alton this year.

Chris reports “I also caught a 38 inch Northern which was the largest we’ve produced at D’Alton in a few years”. In total there were  7 walleye master anglers”

  • Scott Newell – 1 @  26” and 1 @ 27”
  • Dale Greif- 1 @ 27”
  • Mickey Downy – 1 @ 28”
  • Chris Clemmons – 1 @ 28”
  • Tom McGregor – 1 @ 26” and 1 @ 29”
  • Brad Clemmons – Oh so close with 1 @ 25” and 1 @ 25-7/8”

Chris believes he was on the lake in the heart of the lake turn over. Water temps dropped from 69 to 59 degrees in a few days. He used his three way rig (explained in detail in the article at the downloads section of the website “Any Ole Mickey Mouse Rig”) to find the big fish in troughs 20 feet deep or more. He says his group only had two walleye shore lunches on the trip in which they harvest one fish per man in the 15-17 inch range, otherwise they release the trophy fish after the photos. They do like live bait, mainly leaches and sucker minnows.

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