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D’Alton Gold

We had a fantastic time at D’Alton!  The camp was great, the weather was perfect and we saw a moose and her calf.  We also saw several bear and moose on the drive up 527.  The trip couldn’t have been scripted any better.We also ended up with 138 walleye over 20 inches and as a group (Michael D., Brad C., Anthony B., Wayne S. and Dan S.) managed to catch and release 7 Master Angler walleye over 26″, including my personal best 30-1/2 inch, on a Slow Death Rig and Gulp night crawler

Other Productive presentations included: Jig and Sucker, Jig and plastics, Slip Bobber; minnow and the traditional jig and minnow. One of the coolest things we experienced was the transition of the walleye moving from the shallow back water areas (with flow coming in) towards their summer locations.  The first half of the week showed no signs of any significant walleye activity out around the main lake basins, but by the end of the trip the walleye were starting to school-up in specific spots.

I’d guess by the time guests read the next report, the walleye should be in full summer patterns out on reefs and points in the main lake basin.

Thanks to WN for another fantastic adventure!

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