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D Plane, D Plane

Our fleet of de Havilland floatplanes will soon be spending their winter days and nights inside, where it’s nice and warm.  Our new Float Plane Base is being built in Thunder Bay. This giant (125’ X 125’)  hanger will also serve as our maintenance center, and provide another choice of departure for our guests.  We will have our air force under cover by February first. Soon we will be giving you the choice to fly directly to your cabin or lodge from Thunder Bay or to depart from our base camp in Armstrong.

Here’s a quick tip for those of you starting to prepare for your trip north this summer. Pack some sharpies in the Tackle Box That’s right, when you pack your tackle for Canada, include some water proof Sharpie Markers. Reds to brighten up the colours of gill areas and eyes on your crank baits, and bright yellows and blues to repair dents and dings. You may want to bathe and clean your crank baits too, baking soda is best, leaves no odors behind, and controls rust too.

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