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Cross an Item off Your Bucket List

For years I had read about fly-in fishing trips in Canada and always wanted to do one.  In 2006, I contacted Wilderness North and set up my first trip to an outpost cabin.  I so thoroughly enjoyed that trip that I have returned with family members and friends four more times and am looking forward to my next trip.  Everyone should experience a Canadian wilderness trip at least once in their life.  It is more than just catching a lot of fish, which you will, as I can catch a lot of fish here in Florida.  It is truly a unique experience that offers you the time and solitude to enjoy unspoiled nature as it truly is and to really enjoy spending quality, unencumbered time with family and friends and yes, catch a lot of fish.  Alan, Krista, and their staff have always ensured that my trips were properly planned from the first phone call to schedule a trip through fly-out on the last day.  They do everything they can to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.  Facilities and equipment are great and constantly being updated.  I consider Wilderness North to be the best outfitter and I won’t consider any other outfitter.  If you want to enjoy a truly unique fishing experience, contact Alan and Krista.  Warning though, you might get ‘hooked’ as I have.

Leo, Florida

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