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Crescent is Hot!

Long time customers of Wilderness North, the boys from Iowa returned to Zig Zag again this year. Picture above is Carl with his beautiful trophy pike.

This year, Vince, Carl, Scott, Damon & Gerry (Zig Zag veterans), welcomed newcomers Mark, William and Glenn.

With water levels high, they were able to get into Crescent, where they struck trophy gold. Catching and releasing 6 master anglers during their 5 days at Zig Zag, they enjoyed the warm weather offered that week.  Walleye fishing was a bit slow during the heat of the day, but the pike bite was definitely on.

The group’s catches were as follows:

Scott B.                 46.5” Northern  Crescent              Rapala

Glenn S.                28.5” Walleye    Crescent              Rapala

Damon R.             40”     Northern Crescent              Rapala

Vince J.                  41”     Northern Zig Zag                Jig and Minnow

Carl J.                     40”     Northern Crescent            Jig and Minnow

It was great hosting these gents at Zig Zag this year and we look forward to seeing them next opener!

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