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Cracker Week at Miminiska

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffSo this week has been a cracker at Miminiska Lodge, with the Tabasco group of 24 in camp and some great new mates, the Kammerer group from Texas and North Bay, Ontario. We even had an absolutely amazing rainbow make an appearance here that took our breath away. The boys from Tabasco Sauce and their guests arrived late Monday afternoon. They were great mates and had a bloody good time fishing and eating, and…well you know. Tuesday was the beginning of the fishing expedition with 14 boats on the water. The walleye were hard to get to begin with, as the Shad-fly hatch was well underway and the bays were quite full of the carcasses. But their patience paid off and the walleye stepped up to the plate so a great day was had by all. I really enjoyed having these blokes at Miminiska; their spicy sauce was in every dish and had us craving for more. Even though their spicy food is still here, they took a spirit of mateship and camaraderie away with them that has become a part of the Miminiska history.

Wilderness North fly in fishingCraig of Nashville, Tennessee landed a bloody bonanza 39-inch pike using top water lures and had the fight of his life bringing it into the boat. The rest of the boys smashed the walleye all day and came back to the watering hole for a drink and story-telling session.

The Kammerer group was here for ten days, and they had the time of their lives. Mike and Bill are experienced fishermen and have never before come across the quantity of walleye they found in Miminiska Lake. Their first visit was such a delight with the shore lunches and a 27-inch Master Angler walleye brought up on the last day of the trip. Bill and Mike were such good blokes and we had such a great time with our new mates, we miss you guys already!!

Hoo-roo for this week and no worries mate!!
Haha!…Tristan Yuswak

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