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Countdown to Opening

Ever had that feeling of being pulled in every direction? We all have. Our first guests arrive in less than a month. WHEW!

This week we’re going to plan “B” on the dock building project at Makokibatan Lodge.  I’ll tell you more on the podcast. We are watching the weather, with very warm days,the start of the “ice out” is definitely happening.

We are counting up the contributions to our Project Healing Waters event scheduled for July 12-20, this summer.  If you missed our last newsletter and podcast, we announced our affiliation with Project Healing Waters, a non profit group that introduces injured soldiers returning from the battlefield to fly and spincast fishing as part of their rehab. You can learn more about Project Healing waters and make a contribution on their website too.Your calls, and gifts are coming in and we are most grateful.  On this week’s podcast you’ll meet Ed Newby, a retired airline pilot who is working hard to get transportation for the soldiers coming up from the U.S. – Thanks Ed.

This week, we are contacting each arriving guest for May 2008, with a special “check list” e-mail so their trip will get off to a great start. Planning for an adventure is really quite easy, our new and improved Trip Planning Guide is available here on the website.

Welcome to Wilderness NorthToday we celebrate Earth Day by remembering that:
“We cannot and do not change the environment, we change our behaviour, and the environment thanks us by staying pure and green…” That’s something we think about a lot. Alan

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