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Core Values

Alan's fishing reportIt seems everything I read today is about companies and persons “returning to their core values.” Especially in light of the current economic climate…HMMM? I guess those things we have always valued are just now coming back into vogue. Like the idea of “Going Green.”

For guests who return year after year, and even for those who have experienced their first adventure into “the remote and remarkable” boreal forest: Well it is all green. Always was! Always will be, if we have anything to say about it. That is why we help our guests become co-protectors for the wilderness. It all starts with knowledge. So let’s learn together:

In this newsletter, Tyler will teach you more in his podcast about the condition of, and ways to protect our Ontario fisheries.

Graham Saunders our meterorolgist and environmental watch dog describes a cooperative “Gardening in the Wilderness” project for the summer of 2009, with students from Lakehead University here in Thunder Bay.

And today you’ll learn more about an insect repellent that is a simple patch you stick on your arm – or a hat or a shirt you wear.  So let the learning begin.

Wilderness North promoBut what about the economy? Good question!
Today we are the first outfitter in Canada to create and make available at our website:
“Full Disclosure Trip Pricing”
Now, no matter what your destination, our trip cost estimator computes and reports your basic trip cost, taxes, license fees, even bed and breakfast at our Armstrong base. Instantly. Completely.
Print the proposal? – – – – – Yup!
E-mail it to a friend? – – – – No Problem!
* BTW the current US/CAN exchange rate means big savings for US guests.

A follow up chat with a Wilderness North trip planner can lock in your dates and destinations, and right now every member of your group can earn 100 WilderBucks for booking and paying before April 15th.


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