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Cooler, Cooler, Thank Goodness

Wilderness North staffThis past weekend through yesterday was downright hot and humid. More like the southern U.S. than Northwestern Ontario. Our heat/humidity index reached a record 100 in Armstrong. However, that’s over now, and probably over for at least the next two weeks. Most likely for the rest of summer 2008.

The forecast: Sunny and pleasant today through Friday, then a bit unsettled for the coming weekend, but MUCH cooler temps, probably more like 70 than the mid 80’s from recent days and much less humid. Some showers are possible this weekend, but clearing and nice again for early next week.

This week on the podcast, I’ll discuss how much credit you should give those “signs” from Mother Nature – as they are oft called- about the severity of the upcoming winter, you know like  the sizes of beaver lodges, berries on the Mountain Ash, and of course the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Listen now.

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