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Cold Weather, Hard Work, Master Anglers

Tyler -spring fishing on Caribou LakeIn the last two weeks we have seen a little bit of every season up here at Striker’s Point. It went from calm, sunny days, to overcast windy ones, and finally a small taste of winter was delivered. Friday June 5th was one of the coldest days in June I think I have ever experienced.  With the snow came a biting cold wind that forced all anglers off the lake by 11 AM. Despite the rapid change in temperatures and the overall tough conditions, Striker’s guests managed to tally four master angler pike and several more in the high 30’s.

Nick of Richmond, Virginia had a career day on Wednesday the 3rd boasting a 39″, a 42″, and a 46″ pike. Two of the trophies came while jigging for walleye in 20′ depths. His real monster came on a Johnson Silver minnow tipped with a pork rind trailer. My good friends Bill and Bob, also of Virginia are along on the trip with Mr. Bliley. They got in on the action on the same day with Bill hauling in a 42″ big girl and Bob wrangling a 38″ bruiser. Both of their fish came on the good old Johnson spoon as well.

The father and son team of Dave and Kevin Sasada out of Wisconsin caused the first bit of commotion off of the Striker’s dock this year. Dave was tossing a copper toned spoon and hooked into a chunky 39″ northern early in the evening on Friday the 5th. There was so much noise coming from down at the dock it attracted about every guest and staff member in camp.

Jack Beavers and his good fishing buddies made the journey from Michigan to Armstrong and flew into Striker’s for their first ever visit. They adjusted quite well to the “new to them,” large lake. They put good numbers of walleye in the boat, and Mr. Beavers delivered on his last day, with a beautiful 37″ sally.

Well that about wraps it up for this week, I hope we don’t need to burn as much wood next week as we try to slip out of an unseasonably cold spring’s grasp and into summer.
…Tyler Lancaster

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