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Cold Now, Cold in the Future

Wilderness North WeathermanSorry! This past week was downright lousy. Cold, Cold, and Rain. One nice day, but really don’t kill the messenger. We’re frustrated too, since we had our garden plants ready to go and on came the frost warnings. So they are still in trays being tucked inside at night waiting for five days with above freezing temps.

This morning was very frosty and there may be a few mornings just like that ahead. I see moderate increases in temps but nothing significant until mid June. We should have temps in the 68-74 *f window on these dates, but we’re having problems reaching 60.

I’ll discuss this, and what the cause is in my podcast. I’ll also tell you more about the impact of our solar neighbor, the moon, as well. Listen in here. Read my article “moon and weather” for more lunar enlightenments.

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