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Clarence’s Challenge


Those of you that I haven’t met yet, I’m the fellow who works with photos and other media here at Wilderness North. Those of you that I have met, you’re great people. I had a great time and the memories truly are priceless.

Speaking of memories. I am working  on a few projects for the fall here at Wilderness North. For these projects we’re requesting any photos that you may have taken while here with us.

Each year we produce a calendar, which features the most eventful moments of the season or beautiful captures. Also our next magazine is at its beginning stages. I would love for you to send photos for potential inclusion in these publications.

Your best way to send photos is to attach them in an email, to either myself ( or to ( If you have more then a few photos or your files are too large, try multiple emails. If all else fails just drop me a line, we have other means.

Now don’t you worry about this, that and whatever. All you need to be a photographer is a camera and a subject. I am certain most/all of you had a camera and plenty of subject matter while you were here.

I’d also like to ask you to take a moment to like our Facebook page for access to updates on future projects and other media throughout the year. Also questions and comments are welcome on our timeline or through private messages.

Thank you for reading and for your participation.

I wish you good fishing and good living,




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