Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

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Check-in From Striker’s Point

It’s time for a Check-in from Striker’s Point Lodge
Greetings Folks! Well, we are but mere days away from having use of our front and main dock again up here at Strikers. The water has been on a continual decline and with that we are starting to see our beaches, rocks, and beautiful shorelines again. Despite some clouded in days with heavy rains, overall we have been experiencing great weather. The birds and the bugs are active, and it seems the Caribou are taking advantage as we have had numerous reports of bou’s swimming from island to island.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming some terrific guests over the last little bit. There has been no shortage of active fish for all who have been scouring the depths of Whitewater Lake.  The Neumann group coming from Wisconsin took very little time in locating stockpiles of feeding Walleye. Live leeches tipped on 3/8 oz heads were producing hundred fish days with little effort. They did see several Walleyes in the 20”-23” range, however, no trophies.

Local adventurers, James and Jason from right here in Thunder Bay made a father son fishing trip for the first time in too long.  They enjoyed much more than just the incredible fishing. They took time to relax and unwind by the crackling fire of the woodstove, and catch up on the events of each other’s lives. They actually played it quite smart by getting out on the water during peak fishing periods. They targeted both Walleye and Pike from 8-11 AM and from 7-10 PM. On their final evening they were rewarded for their efforts as a monstrous, 44in, 22 LB, Northern inhaled a 19in Walleye that James was reeling in. Jason was quick enough to net both fish, and being only a stone’s throw out from the Strikers dock, were able to capture a great photo of this beast.

It was also a blast to have with us both the Nicklaus family and Bob and Tina Cynowa. The Nicklaus group whom are no strangers to these waters, made quick work to boat over 1000 fish amongst their 4 boats, in the first 2 days of fishing. Although oodles of Walleye seemed to be teeming off of every rock point and island, the big girls were playing hard to get. Towards the end of their stay, Stephen Nicklaus got on the board with a hefty 26” walleye taken on a 5” pearl swim bait. His Grandfather, Ron Nicklaus, popped a late game 40” Northern while jigging for Walleye. Bob and Tina spent a good portion of time trolling shorelines looking for larger fish.  Bob was able to run into a few pike in the mid 30in range but again, the big girls were quite cautious during the week. As we move forward towards a new moon I expect that they will be on the feed here pretty heavily in the next couple weeks.

That’s all for now,

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