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Can’t Wait to Go Back!

Tom was a part of a group of 13 who joined us the last week of June. He caught a 42 inch pike caught off the island by the lodge. Read the group’s trip thoughts below:

We spent several days at Striker Point. 6/27 to 7/2. Walleye fishing was very,very good. We had found 3 areas that we could go to any time and catch walleye one after another, my boat partner, Joel, made a comment “oh I just caught another walleye again!” He was busy trying for northern. The weather was good except for one day ,with a little rain, temperatures were in the 70’s most of the time. We were to the same place two years back and the fishing was good then, but it was even better this time! We are already talking about going back. With us we had 2 guys that had never fished before and after the second day they were “Hooked”! They had the time of their lives. The cabins and the lodge were really nice. DEB did a wonderful job taking care of us,she deserves a medal! What an amazing time having a shore lunch with 13 friends is. This is truly what life is all about, I can’t wait to go back.

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