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A Bit of a Calm- Here on the Albany!

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffThis week we had our Canadian friends from Niagara Falls back, Mike and Liz. This was their second trip of the season in which they fly in to Miminiska Lodge in their own plane. This year as the fishing was so good the first time, they thought they couldn’t resist another crack at the action. They slammed the walleye and the pike, finding the “walleye mine” and Mim Falls to hold some of the best action. Their First Nation expert guide Thomas Nate, helped put them into his secret holes that come from a lifetime of fishing this magnificent place.

With two weeks to go, we are starting to feel a bit of the fall weather. Will this bring in the fall fish feeding frenzy for an all out bloody bonanza here? Only way to tell is to get out there on the water.

Hoo Roo
…Tristan Yuswak

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