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Fishing Film Fest 2013It’s Ice Season. Here’s a Practical Tip
I’m no expert ice fisherman, but I’m pretty sure this is why hardwater guys always have a few premium beers mixed in with the Pabst and Bud Light. My ice fishing buddies are all a twitter because apparently it’s go-time here in Jersey. The ice is ready…so they say. Hopefully some of you are getting out on the ice, too. Have a great, safe weekend….»

One Slick Ride for Ice Fishermen That’ll Save Your Life, Too
To keep up with this week’s unplanned innovations theme, check out the video below of the WilCraft. This, I think, could gain some traction in the market, because not only does it make ice fishing easier, it’ll save your life. Where are the ice guys? Tell me what you think. Have a great weekend….»

The SmartRod: Because Learning What a Bite Feels Like is a Hassle
It starts with a smart rod that knows the difference between the tap of a fish and getting moved by the wind, and before you know it, John Conner is on your front lawn holding off an advancing wave of Terminators. Listen to the way the guy in the video throws around phrases like “this technology could realistically become the new standard of fishing.” by clicking here….»

Sight Fishing: How Much Does Lens Color Matter in Polarized Glasses?
Sight fishing is top of the game for me. And I’m a big believer of using polarized glasses for this type of fishing.I think being able to see what you’re after is the key to catching. Even when you don’t see the actual fish, polarized glasses cut the surface glare in ways that allow you to see your flies or strike indicator better. This ultimately leads to great drifts, good presentations, and improved odds of detecting strikes.For those of you who use polarized glasses, do you buy into the notion that different lens tints are necessary for different conditions? Sure, I see the value of yellow lenses on a heavy overcast day, and mirrored lenses are great on bright sunny days. But you could go broke buying different glasses for every situation. I think it’s better to wear one tint consistently to train your vision to adapt in various conditions.Copper or amber is my go anywhere, fish anything tint-from trout rivers to bonefish flats. But everyone sees differently. If you had to pick one shade and fish that everywhere you go for a year, what would it be?…»

Great Fishing Gear: Danielsson Fly Reels
Danielsson reels are about to make a big splash on the American fly-fishing scene. This brand is already wildly popular in Scandinavia, where 90 percent of professional guides use them. I believe they’ll take off once more Americans who appreciate the combination of form and function become familiar with them.These reels are made of premium aluminum. They’re light, but not flimsy. Spools are easy to change, and switching the cranking motion from left to right or vice versa is simple. And they gather line quickly and neatly.Most importantly, Danielsson reels have a completely sealed, self-lubricating, service-free drag system (you never have to open the drag). The drag setting is easy to adjust and offers one of the smoothest start-ups I’ve felt. Granted, I have yet to tie it to a motorcycle (see video below), but I did the next best thing: I caught a 14-pound brown trout (in Argentina) during my initial “test fish.” The trout made three spectacular jumps and erratic, violent runs; the reel proved to be a critical factor in landing the fish.Danielssons are also some of the most aesthetically interesting reels I’ve seen in a while. Costs range from $200 to $1,000. Click here for more information….»

Learn to Spey Cast and Steal Your Buddy’s Fish
Try as I might, I have not yet managed to master spey casting. And it drives me crazy because I know, at least in certain situations, the benefits are tremendous and you can catch a lot more fish. Every time I give up in frustration, I find another reason to start practicing again. In the video below, guide Tom Larimer explains benefit 452 of spey casting. I’ll call it long distance mugging….»

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