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Brookie Bonanza at Bloody Miminiska!

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffThis week has been an amazing week of fishing up here at Miminiska Lodge, home of the best brook trout fishing in the boreal forest
– maybe in all of Canada.

The Rothenberger group from Indiana, were here to fish for brookies, and boy o’ boy did they find them. The very first cast that Tom made into the waters of the Albany River with his fly rod produced a 22 inch brookie, that had him jumping for joy with his new titanium knees!! Tough bloody knees!! Larry then caught and released three over 20 inches at the bottom of Miminiska Falls and Tom evened up the odds with two more large trout.Wilderness North fly in Brook Trout fishingTheir expert First Nation guide, Thomas Nate, was bringing out the best of Miminiska Lake for these avid fly anglers. Their canoe trip down the now famous Keezhik River produced for them a combined total of over 60 trout in one day. Larry and Tom were just blown away by the amount of fish at every set of rapids and the canoe trip was the highlight of their stay. They ended up with a Master Angler 27-inch walleye and 37-inch pike on their fly-rods for a great finish to a bloody great trip.

Father and son team Jeffrey and Gordon (Gordo) from Westerville, Ohio had a remarkable week here. With the help of their guide, Joey Nate, they tallied hundreds of pike and walleye to fish themselves to sleep every night. Gordo was so wiped from all the pike fishing he enjoyed a few sleep-ins to get his energy back up. Ed and Barry (Bazza) from Toronto had a great week too, with Barry grabbing a 27 inch walleye to gain Master Angler status. They also got in on the brookies with four trout reeled in at the bottom of Miminiska Falls on little cleo’s, which seem to be getting everything this year, pike, trout, walleye and whitefish.

Well, that’s all for this week. Hoo-roo for now and no worries, mate.
…Tristan Yuswak

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