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Brisk Mornings…Big Walleye

Tyler LancasterWe know the season is drawing to a close when the boat seats are frosted over in the mornings and we have to say goodbye to Par and his group for the third time in three and a half months. Par, and his lovely wife Gwen, were accompanied by Doug and Barb as well as good friend Hormoz for their third trip of the season. Gwen caught the biggest walleye and pike of the trip with respective 25-inch and 38-inch fish. We were glad to have you all here once again and look forward to seeing you next season.

Craig, and brothers Jim and Dave also joined us this past week. No strangers to the lake, it was great to hear some of their stories from past visits. One that really grabbed my attention was that of Jim’s 50-inch northern a few years back that was caught in the northern regions of the lake basin near Whitewater Lodge . Brother Dave was able to nab a 26-inch beauty walleye this trip and all three combined for several walleye in the 22-25-inch range. Craig tallied three nice northerns in a very short time span, wrangling a 33, a 35, and a 36-inch.

September 2 2009, WNFR header

Three other returning guests, Paul, “Big” John Davidson, and Richard also spent the week with us here at Striker’s Point Lodge. Richard earned himself a Master Angler pin for the second year in a row with a 42-inch submarine (see upper left hand header photo) caught on a trusty Johnson Silver Minnow (JSM) at the “Whirlpool”, down river. Paul tagged a 36″ beauty about 10 minutes after Richard’s battle – also on a JSM. Big John spent his days hunting the elusive “Lunker Wally.” Although he didn’t end up with a master, he caught oodles and oodles of “eyes,” many of which beat the 20-inch mark.

We look forward to welcoming the Davidson’s as well as the Hill’s, who will be arriving on September 4th. Guys, remember your Canadian “Toques,” and warm weather apparel, see you soon!!!!!

Tyler Lancaster

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