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Blow Bys and Blow Downs

Wilderness North staffGraham Saunders, professor of meteorology at Lakehead University here in Thunder Bay, and weather commentator for the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal is predicting somewhat improved weather for the coming week. But when it comes to rain gear – don’t leave home without it.  This week, weather will be a mixed bag of showers – sun – and considerable wind at times. However, temps will continue their warming trend. So in a nutshell wide ranges of weather, but for relatively short periods. In other words a variety of weather “blowing by” in a hurry. There was actually a frost on Tuesday night, but hopefully that will be the last of that nonsense.

Now to the “blow downs.” On his mini podcast, Dr. Saunders explains this coming week’s weather in detail AND how these mini winds bursts can take down large areas of trees in what appears to be tornadic weather.

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